Golden Group’s Worry-Free Roof Estimate

By June 10, 2019News
roof estimate

A roof estimate from several different roofing companies is often the best way to figure out the cost of what is most homeowners’ largest financial investments in their home. At Golden Group Roofing, we’ve taken our business background and years of roofing experience to create the most efficient and accurate estimates possible. Our number one goal is to eliminate any apprehension or confusion over your roofing project. Gone are the “ballpark” estimates from a generic roofing cost estimator.  With Golden Group’s estimation technology, the customer receives an accurate and detailed proposal to review at their convenience.

To kick off the proposal process, Golden Group uses cutting edge satellite technology to get an exact measurement of the roof and all aspects of the workspace, including dimensions and pitch. No more guesswork and hand measuring. Then we take photos of the property, and draw diagrams directly over the photos so that the client has an exact visual representation of the work to be done. This keeps the client and the roofer on the same page and eliminates any potential misunderstandings.

As part of the transparent process, Golden Group brings the “roofing box” that has every sample material in the box, where they can build a sample roof right in front of the customer – letting the customer see and touch all the shingles, wood, and metal pieces for themselves.

roof estimatesGolden Group produces a detailed and accurate proposal complete with diagrams and solid figures for the customer to review at their leisure.  Golden Group stands by it’s “No Buy Now” policy – we simply provide the customer with all the facts and information, and let the customer remain in control of the next step.  

Other roofing companies may ask for a deposit of several thousand dollars and then schedule the job for several weeks out.  At Golden Group, we will never ask you to do that. Clients don’t pay the deposit until the start of work.

Lastly, customers don’t need to worry about a thing once the roofing project is scheduled, including obtaining permits and renting a dumpster. In fact, the customer doesn’t even need to take a day off of work to be home during the day of roofing. Using technology of active cameras and drones, Golden Group roofing contractors take photos and provide updates during the entire day your roof is being worked on, so that the homeowner is constantly up to speed with the process.

We realize that large home projects can sometimes be a source of anxiety or uncertainty for homeowners.  But with modern technology and a smart process, it doesn’t have to be. At Golden Group, we are committed to keeping the project easy and transparent for the customer.  We will gladly come to any residential or commercial property in Worcester County or Middlesex County in Central Massachusetts for your free detailed roof estimate.