Winter Roof Maintenance: Avoid roof repairs

By October 29, 2018Uncategorized

Winter roof maintenance avoids costly repairs

In the last post, we looked at how you should take care of your roof during autumn. If you heeded that advice, you’re already in a good place, but still not in a place to hibernate all winter and not look at your roof until spring. To avoid costly roof repairs, follow simple winter roof maintenance steps below.

Winter is, by far, the most intense season for roofing and roof repairs. You’ve seen the winters around here in recent years, and they haven’t been especially kind. Father winter can take a hefty toll on your asphalt shingle roof. Even though you may have followed the advice of our autumn rooferendum, we’re here with more advice to beat back the blizzards and keep your roofs in good shape throughout the winter. Proper winter roof maintenance is key to the longevity of roof.

Preemptive strike

This will be your best effort against needing roof repairs during the winter. Every roofing company will tell you truthfully that any roofing issues you may discover during fall will only be exponentially worse during winter. Clear debris, clean gutters, and make sure to address any roofing problems well ahead of the first snowfall.

A consistent effort

Once winter is here, performing regular winter roof maintenance is a consistent chore. We know you didn’t want any more chores on the to do list, but winter roof maintenance is essential. Most newer roofs are built to be able to withstand quantities of snow between 15 to 30 pounds per square foot. You might think that’s pretty heavy duty, but what you should be thinking is this: my roof is strong, but it is not invincible. Keep up with snow removal regularly, remember to do self-inspections, and, by all means, be careful climbing around on your roof in the winter.

Timely roof repairs

Winter also happens to be the worst season to need roof repairs. This is mainly because people who need them never bothered to inspect their roofs or take care of them earlier. However, even with preemptive inspections, proper service, and responsible care, winter can get out of control. Fortunately, during the winter, roof damage makes itself known pretty quickly. Unfortunately, that damage can get worse much quicker than it might in other seasons. Once discovered, get roof repairs as soon as possible to avoid damage spreading and costing more than it should.

The Northeast United States is a beautiful place to live, but changing between four mischievous seasons can bring unwanted problems on the home front. As winter gets on the way, make sure your roof is ready, then keep it that way throughout the rest of the season.