Roof Ready For Fall: A Seasonal Rooferendum

By October 22, 2018Uncategorized
roof ready for fall

Is your roof ready for fall? A lot of homeowners aren’t very good about roofing upkeep. Sure, a new asphalt shingle roof carries a return on investment of about 62%, but that fabulous ROI can sharply plummet if proper roof inspections and roof repairs aren’t done periodically. Read on to make sure your roof is ready for fall.

You don’t need professional roofers to tell you that roofs are expensive. You already know that. You want that investment to last as long as possible, right? We thought you might. We’re entering the two seasons that are the toughest on roofing, so starting with autumn we’re going to give you some things to look out for that’ll keep your roof in tip-top shape as the leaves start falling harder.

To get your roof ready for fall, keep it clear

Isn’t raking fallen leaves in the lawn a hassle? They seem unlimited during autumn and when they coat your grass, they can wreak havoc on your grass. Unfortunately, the same is true of your roof. We know it’s an extra autumn chore, but it’s an essential piece of maintaining your roof. The collection of debris, leaves, pieces of branches, and everything the autumn gusts blow your way should be cleared from your roof and gutters before they’re able to cause damage.

Outdoors and indoors

Sometimes it’s difficult to see problem areas on your roof from the outside. But, there are two sides to every roof and the interior side is often more telling than the exterior. Look for evidence of cracking and leaks on the inside of your house, then you’ll be able to pinpoint the whereabouts of an exterior roofing issue.

Get an inspection

Sometimes homeowners can only do so much to keep their roofs in the clear. For the most peace of mind, get a professional roofer to inspect your roof before the season gets too far along. They’ll be able to pick problem spots or give your roof a clean bill of health, but it’s important that, if you’re unsure of the status of your roof, you get a pro roofer to inspect it.

While you’re making the rest of your home cozy in preparation for colder months and shorter days, don’t neglect your roof. After all, it keeps you sheltered every single day. Make sure you show it some TLC this season (and every season) and let our roofers help you stay dry and warm.