How to Compare Roofers

By November 13, 2019News
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Comparing roofers for your new roof can be a tough task. What makes a good roofer? That’s why we created this checklist of 7 things to look for In roofers.

Getting ready to replace your roof might feel scary – it’s a big ticket item on one of your most precious assets: your home. Your roof protects your loved ones and your property, so you want to be sure you’ve selected someone reliable to do the best work. Finding a quality roofer is important, but it doesn’t have to be hard! When comparing roofers, be sure to check these 7 important things before selecting the right one.

1. Verify that the roofer is licensed and fully insured

As a homeowner, you know that the roof over your head is often the first layer of protection of your home. While you may see advertisements for unofficial roofing services, it’s wise to be sure that any roofer that touches your greatest protective layer is licensed and fully insured. When getting a quote from a roofing company, ask for their general liability and worker’s compensation insurance. Don’t forget to ask about the contractors license and home improvement certificate. Golden Group Roofing is fully licensed and insured for roofing work and provides certificates for your peace of mind.

2. Check to see what’s included in your roofing contract

When evaluating quotes from roofing companies, be sure to check that they have provided a detailed estimate of the roofing costs as well as any other expenses necessary to get the job done. Our quotes will include everything you need to eliminate any surprises. A quality roofing company like Golden Group Roofing will take care of the local permits as well as the dumpsters and cleanup.

3. Ask if they have all year round employees.

Many roofers hire only temporary seasonal workers for the summer. While adding extra labor during high season to accommodate increased demand, a good roofing company will also have highly trained permanent workers to handle new roof install and repairs all year round. Golden Group Roofing company employees many permanent roofers, trained on the latest techniques and cutting edge roofing products. That’s why Golden Group is available for roof tune ups and repairs after storms, because we have invested in a highly skilled year round workforce.

4. Look for training and certifications.

A reliable roofing company will have top quality roofing materials and certifications from the manufacturers. This ensures that the roof technicians have been fully and continuously trained on the roofing components and systems. As manufacturers improve their products and procedures, the roof installers need to be trained to fully bring benefits to consumers. Golden Group Roofing has always made training and education a top priority for all of its supervisors and workers so that we can always bring the best technology to our customers. In fact, our roofers are factory certified and trained on a quarterly basis. Golden Group Roofing is a
GAF Master Elite Contractor , Certainteed Selected Shingle Master, and a GAF Energy Certified Solar Installer.

5. Expect a thorough and detailed estimate.

With all the available measuring and calculating technology, a good roofer should provide you a fully detailed estimate with measurements, photos, diagrams, and exact numbers. In days past, a roofer might give a ballpark estimate, which can leave a homeowner anxious about the procedure and possible surprise extra costs. Golden Group Roofing has invested in technology to quickly provide a fully detailed roofing estimate report to the homeowner to remove all uncertainty and guesswork. With Golden Group’s use of drone technology, satellite images, and diagrams, the homeowner has a complete packet of all the information they need to plan their roofing project without any unknowns.

6. Ask what the payment terms are.

It’s not unusual in the industry for a roofing company to take a deposit from the homeowner, and then wait several weeks before scheduling the installation. However, a quality roofing company like Golden Group Roofing won’t ask for a deposit until the day the work is scheduled and ready to go. Be sure to check what the payment terms are so that you aren’t surprised by large deposits for yet unscheduled work.

7. Check customer references and affiliations.

A reputable roofer should be able to provide references from real customers to speak to their roofing experience. Golden Group Roofing is always happy to share customer references, as we pride ourselves in our excellent craftsmanship, cutting edge technology, and customer-centric process to take the anxiety of the project. Golden Group Roofing is also a member of the National Roofing Contractor Association, New England Contractor Roofing Association, National Women in Roofing Association, and the Home Builder and Remodeler Association.

As homeowners ourselves, we understand that large projects like new roofs are a significant investment and an important protection of all of your belongings and family memories. Most homeowners are committed to the due diligence required to find the most reliable roofer for such a critical project. Follow these steps to find a trained and certified roofer that is experienced and will do quality work. Golden Group Roofing looks to improve all aspects of the roofing process, including the estimation process, usage of the latest technology, the cleanup process, and overall homeowner satisfaction to always provide an excellent customer experience. Golden Group Roofing is pushing to change the way the roofing industry serves is customers, and that’s the Golden Group Difference.

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