National Women in Roofing

By June 8, 2018Events

Women in Roofing Event in Massachusetts

Starting out in the Roofing Industry at the 21 years old, I never felt accepted. There was many times that I doubted myself about what it was that I was doing in the Roofing Industry. Was this the industry where I wanted to follow my career path? Being 21 years of age and starting a career in roofing is very tough. There is a lot of emotional days, days where you feel over questioned, and days where you feel unappreciated. The reason Why?
Well, it is mainly due to the fact that Roofing is an industry that is dominated by male workers. An industry where many individuals still find it hard to except a woman.

This is exactly how I felt in 2012, the year that I began my career in the Roofing Industry. It was truly an uphill battle of having to work extra hard to earn my spot and place on the “crew”.

How it all Started

However, after many job installs, many trainings, and mentoring’s, I finally found my place. People valued me, they valued my knowledge of Roofing and my passion for the future of this industry.

Still, I often found my self alone. Many of my friends and family never really understood my journey In the roofing industry or why I wanted to continue working in this field. They would often question my decision to stay within this industry.

One day in 2017, it all changed. I was in San Antonio, Texas at a GAF Wealth Builder Conference when a Woman named Ellen Thorp reached out to me while hearing my story about my journey into the roofing industry during a Women Networking Luncheon. I had instantly gotten up and out of my seat to share my story when the guest speaker asked if any of the women in the network group had actually been on roofs. I most definitely had! I was ready more than ever to share my story and let other know how a young woman that majored in International Finance ended up in roofing.
Ellen Thorp told me about the organization she had started called; National Women In Roofing. Ellen explained that it was created for Women, like me within the Roofing Industry. It did not matter if your worked on the rooftop, or the executive boardroom. National Women in Roofing was created to be place where all Women in the Roofing Industry could Network, find Mentors, get educated and of course, recruitment.

A place to be

This was it. The moment it all made sense to me. I no longer had to prove myself, or find myself lost within the Roofing industry. I, Greta Bajrami had found my place, a sisterhood full of women that shared similar stories, and shared the same passion for the Roofing Industry.

Ellen asked me, if I would be interested in starting the Massachusetts Council for National Women in Roofing and without hesitation; I SAID YES!
Fast Forward to 2018, and I am happy and proud to Announce that I am the National Women in Roofing Massachusetts Council Chair. I finally have found my place and purpose within the Roofing Industry. I am here to make change, I am here to put all my dreams and visions for the Roofing Industry into goals and reality. I, along with my fellow members want to make a Roofing Industry that is United, Fun and Exciting, and lets not forget; An industry where Women are always Welcomed!

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