Roofing Asphalt Shingle Facts

By April 24, 2017News
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We only use black heavy duty tarps to protect your property and grounds. An estimated 11 million tons (22 billion lbs) of asphalt shingle waste is produced annually in the U.S, due to tear-off and re-roofing.

Every ton of shingles that is recycled saves the equivalent of 1 barrel of oil from going to the landfill. The average asphalt shingle re-roofing results in 1-3 tons of old product that is commonly disposed of in a landfill. The price to dispose of shingles in a landfill, depending on state, is roughly $35-50 per ton. In some states, in the Northeast, the rate is as high as $110 per ton. Asphalt recycling plants charge as little as $18 per ton. Since shingles are made from refined petroleum they should not be burned because of harmful emissions.

In some states, asphalt shingles are used in “Roof-to-Road” Programs, where recycled shingles are used to make street and highway pavement. Recycled shingles are also used for paving private roads, parking lots, or for patch work.